Noam Kaiser

Intel Capital

Noam is an investment director at Intel Capital focusing on investment opportunities related to Israel.

Noam joined Intel Capital in 2019 after over a dozen years of experience in the Israeli venture capital and startup ecosystem. He serves on the boards of Centrical, Cellwize, DustPhotonics, Model9, Overwolf, Pnoply and Alcide. Prior to joining Intel Capital Noam joined Amazon Web Services in 2016 as Venture Capital Business Development Manager in Israel, Spain and Portugal and formed the Israeli business Development team.

He was part of the investment team of two prominent Israeli Venture Capital firms: Gemini Israel Ventures, where he took on the role of Principal between 2013 and 2016, and Ofer Hi-Tech, where he operated as Investment Manager between 2008-2011. Noam’s focal segments on both firms included Cloud, SaaS, DevOps, Cyber Security, Internet and mobile applications.

In between his two VC tenures Noam founded and led VentureApp, a startup company providing cloud based services for investors. He later merged its services to Balink, a cloud applications service provider which he joined as VP Business Development, prior to the company’s acquisition by One Group. Noam began his career as New Media Manager at Yes DBS Satellite Television, a leading Israeli media platform. Noam holds a BA from The Arison School of Business and a LLB from the Radzyner School of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

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