Our Vision


We’re creators. We’re disruptors. We’re innovators. We know with full certainty that IoT is going to revolutionize every industry under the sun, and we’re going to be the vanguard of that revolution making it happen.

Are We

Simply put… we’re going to make your life easier. Whether you’re an enterprise thinking about new IoT services to integrate with your products, a mobile operator or an IoT service provider thinking about expanding your reach with IoT – we’re all in the exact right place.

Do We

We do IoT better. Say goodbye to roaming restrictions. Say goodbye to connectivity or reliability gaps. And definitely say goodbye to multiple integrations that take valuable time away from your core product. Instead, let us introduce one single unified platform built for IoT connectivity management, with nothing missing but your next great idea.

Makes Us

Our technology isn’t just a faster or more feature-rich version of existing solutions. It’s something entirely new. Software-Defined Connectivity will change the face of IoT, and has been built from scratch by passionate people with 20+ years of experience in telecom and global software companies. We’re serial entrepreneurs, we’re telecom and IoT veterans, and we’ve taken all that experience to create one holistic solution that will drive an IoT-enabled future.

Management Team

Nir Shalom


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Rony Cohen

Co-founder & Head of Business Development

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Noa Weinstein


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Curtis Govan

President, Americas

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Luigi Capobianco

Senior VP for Europe and The Middle East

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Chen Porat

Senior VP for Asia Pacific and Africa

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Vera Miretsky

Vice President of R&D

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Asaf Gigi

VP Marketing

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Gamly Romano

Vice President Operations

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Gil Dvash

Vice President Telco Relations

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