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Hello elastic. Goodbye monolith
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IoT deployments don’t play by the rules of traditional systems and platforms. They demand huge flexibility, strict adherence to regulations, and for the lucky few who are successful – they will open up brand new business models for the first time. floCONTROL is the IoT connectivity management platform that’s everything today’s mobile operators and IoT service providers need, under a single roof

Taking you to the cloud

Industry surveys indicate that 70% of mobile operators are at some stage of
moving to the cloud! Don’t fall behind on your IoT projects - onboard floNET and say goodbye to infrastructure costs, benefiting from a multi-tenant environment to start serving your customers within 1 month!

You will have the sovereignty to move to your own private instance at any point in time - and all the while, your business is growing and your customers are happy!

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Rethink your vision of a Connectivity Management Platform for IoT - Your customers deserve it.

Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs) for IoT deployments were born
to solve many of the problems experienced by mobile operators in their attempt
to provide good and cost-effective connectivity services to their enterprise
IoT customers.

The majority of existing CMPs are outdated, based on monolith
technology, extremely hardware-dependent, and tied to a platform
that is lengthy and expensive to deploy.

Once up and running, it is complex to manage, adapt and integrate
into the mobile operator’s ecosystem.

floCONTROL features a full technological stack, from SIM to APP,
and controls every piece of the pie - operational, technical and commercial.
Let floLIVE show you what’s possible for an IoT platform in 2021!

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Built on microservices, with seamless integration so you can switch out the legacy functions you choose with ultimate ease of use.
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Highly elastic Kubernetes environment on a private or public cloud enables seamless scaling to suit your business growth.
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Highly Secure
Special measures are taken to prevent hacking into the platform or extracting sensitive information. SIM details are never exposed to external queries.
Cost-effective icon
The combination of a very low footprint and our attractive, pay-as-you-grow business model lets you focus on your business growth.
Insightful icon
Allow every customer big or small to understand, troubleshoot and resolve its own issues quickly and efficiently, with almost no intervention by your tech support teams.
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Lifecycle Management

From the minute IoT devices leave the manufacturing floor until they’re up and running at their final destination, floCONTROL supports the unique lifecycle of IoT. Built-in factory and test modes and real-time state control functions like Activation and Suspension, all for tight control over your deployed assets and connected devices anytime, anywhere.

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Automated Network Steering

With a built-in core network, floCONTROL supports fine granularity when it comes to selecting which local networks to use in each country.

This allows your business to optimize everything, whether that’s performance, service or cost. Network selection can be fully automated or manually controlled in real-time.

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Here’s something you won’t find anywhere else – your SIMs can connect to other available networks in areas you have coverage issues, or in case of network failures. With our Autonomous Switching capabilities, you can now offer High Availability packages to customers that have truly mission-critical needs.

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From over-the-air (OTA) remote configuration, to multi-IMSI and eUICC use cases, floLIVE is as flexible as they come. Remotely configure your SIMs in a secure and cost-effective manner, using the latest RAM and RFM technologies, fully supporting whatever you need to help your IoT solution take flight.

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Global Extension

Your roaming agreements don’t allow “Permanent Roaming”? Privacy issues in some countries? Poor performance when roaming overseas? Utilize floNET’s global connectivity service to extend your global reach, solving three major problems:

  1. Permanent Roaming
  2. Privacy (GDPR) restrictions
  3. Poor performance (low throughput and high latency)
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Advanced Billing

floCONTROL incorporates a complete IoT billing system that enables great flexibility in daily operations as well as quick adaptation to new business models. Create custom tariffs, bundles and plans; use real-time charging for cost control and fraud prevention and utilize a flexible, multi-currency configuration for real-time ForEx conversions. You’ll also benefit from a single bill for all IoT elements, even beyond connectivity.

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IoT In Mind

IoT has its own economy, so we support any business model your customers can think of, whether prepaid or postpaid, pooled plans, one-time and many more, courtesy of our software-defined infrastructure. We differentiate between Low ARPU and High ARPU devices, offering purpose-built business models, positioning our customers at a strong starting point to address the fast-evolving LPWA market.

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Alerts and Dashboards

Create custom alerts and notifications to help address financial, operational and technical issues quickly and efficiently based on the different use cases.

Advanced dashboards provide executive and business owners an always up-to-date situational and insightful picture of their entire IoT operation.

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Advanced Security

We take security seriously. We start with our development processes and coding guidelines, continue through best-in-class security elements to protect our infrastructure, topped with data management, frequent security checks and penetration tests. We are ISO 27001 certified, and continuously improve our work methods and the connectivity solutions that we sell to ensure:

  • Reduced Fraud: Capabilities such as IMEI locking and SIM profiling allow you
    limit your SIMs to the exact, specific use case they were designed for.
  • Real-time Detection: Network and signaling data visibility further enhances
    our customers’ ability to detect misbehaviors as they occur.
  • Device Lock: Devices are stationary - lock them to a specific area using
    advanced configurations.
  • Data Security: Information retrieval and collected data is fully secure. The platform does not
    expose subscriber-related information to external sources.
  • IT Security: Firewalls, VPNs, and private APNs. Everything to ensure
    device-generated data reaches its destination without being tampered with.

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