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Multi-IMSI vs eUICC: Is it one or another or can customers leverage both

In a fast-moving landscape, multi-network solutions have come down to two main players, multi-IMSI, and eUICC. 

This white paper will look at: 

  • Multi-IMSI and eUICC: How does each solution work in practice, and the pros and cons of each for IoT use cases.
  • Weighing the solutions: A clear head-to-head breakdown for critical considerations such as price, ease of use, operator switching and more.
  • Why choose? How to leverage the benefits of each approach for a holistic, future-focused approach to IoT connectivity. 
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Game Over for Roaming?

Watch the On-Demand Webinar now to learn:

  • The impact of changes in the consumer market on IoT connectivity, specifically the adoption off eUICC on roaming
  • Why roaming really is inadequate for most companies.
  • The different ways of obtaining global IoT connectivity.
  • The opportunity present for discerning mobile operators.
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Solution Brief:

Adding Global Connectivity To Your Offering

Those connected devices you manufactured. They need connectivity. One of 3 things are going to happen: (1) your distributors will resell the connectivity, (2) your clients will have to find connectivity themselves or, the best option, (3) you can offer it yourself. It’s easy with floLIVE.

This is a massive value-add for your business. It also essentially adds another dimension to your business model – subscription-based revenue.

Read the full solution sheet to find out: 

  • How to offer a global connectivity solution
  • How to make uncomplicate adding this to your offering
  • The types of technology you need access to
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Timing is Everything: The Cost of Getting Delayed Data

Having access to the right data is incredibly important when dealing finding trends, tracking devices, finding better rates, troubleshooting errors and preventing security issues. But the freshness of this data is equally as important. Find out more in this whitepaper – Timing is Everthing: The Cost of Delayed Data in IoT

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Unleash the Power of iSIM for Micro-mobility Applications

IoT has revolutioned transportation. With better tracking and connectivity, it has allowed micromobility like eMobility scooters to emerge. But not all pathways to connectivity are the same

In this webinar, Sony, Kigen & floLive band together to chat all things iSIM in micromobility:

  • Why should micromobility companies prefer iSIM?
  • What are the connectivity needs of micromobility manufacturers?
  • How difficult is it to actually integrate iSIM with micromobility devices?
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