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Mobile Eyes on the Road and Beyond

Video telematics in fleet and asset management is on the rise and promise powerful applications for granular insight – even in real time. The challenge lies in connectivity that support the latency and uniform behavior requirements within this sector of telematics, which floLIVE tackles in this episode of a summer series on fleet and asset management.

Watch this 10-minute video to learn:

  • The market development for video telematics
  • How to develop solutions that can leverage AI
  • Why localized connectivity at a global scale can deliver on critical requirements for video telematics
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IoT Connectivity and Consolidation

Watch this podcast from IoT for All featuring floLIVE CEO Nir Shalom and Kyle Okamoto, floLIVE Advisory Board and Executive Director of Business Strategy, to learn:

  • How the industry is resolving the conflict of market consolidation and IoT verticalization
  • Creating a value proposition in global connectivity
  • What AI’s role is in IoT
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Cross-Border, Cross-Network Connectivity: How to Overcome Going Dark

Fleet and asset management IoT solutions are inherently challenging to keep connected as devices cross borders and networks, yet the success of these solutions hinges on devices staying connected. floLIVE discusses how to achieve “anywhere” connectivity in this episode of a summer series on fleet and asset management. 

Watch this 10-minute video to learn:

  • The limitations of mobile connectivity with IoT
  • Why a fragmented approach can slow time to market and 
  • Why single network connectivity is not possible and how to achieve worldwide connectivity from a single source 
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Global Connectivity for Always-On Solutions

Connectivity that stays on anywhere in the world is imperative in fleet and asset management. Roaming solutions simply are not robust enough to support this industry and floLIVE tackles options in this episode of a summer series on fleet and asset management. 

Watch this 10-minute video to learn:

  • The major market drivers in fleet and asset management
  • How global connectivity is complicated by a fragmented ecosystem
  • Why roaming is insufficient and the alternatives
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Empowering Tech for IoT MVNOs: Robust Connectivity Anywhere in the World

The evolving IoT landscape offers digital solutions for efficiency and resource optimization, yet it faces challenges in an ecosystem not designed for its demands. MVNOs can provide crucial connectivity but struggle with profitability and complexity. In this eBook, learn:

  • The hurdles in IoT for MVNOs
  • The growing demand for robust global connectivity
  • How to streamline a fragmented ecosystem
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