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Analyst report:

Tomorrow’s Smart Connected Products Require Smarter Connectivity Services Today

Read the latest ABI Research whitepaper to learn:

  • How traditional CMPs create a loss-leader business model for pricing?
  • Why modular, yet integrated products are the way forward for operator success?
  • How to onboard IoT services that “just work”, allowing your customers to focus on core business value?
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The Evolution of Core Networks in the Age of IoT

After reading this white paper, you’ll understand: 

  • How cellular connectivity can meet diverse IoT requirements, including Massive, Broadband and Critical IoT.
  • The kinds of behavior you can expect from IoT, such as low ARPU and high signalling, and how to be ready for anything.
  • Why network slicing will support a lower Total Cost of Ownership, and help you seamlessly meet SLA for new customers.
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Solution Brief:

Unique Requirements Need a Unique Solution. Meet floCORE.

Read the full Solution Brief to find out: 

  • What the idea of a truly cloud-native core means for your business?
  • How floCORE meets truly niche requirements of security and performance?
  • The benefits of a single, centralized web portal for management and control?
  • Why customer service representatives are floCORE’s biggest fans?



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Case Study:

Hefring Achieves Complete Visibility from a Single Dashboard

Learn how Hefring became: 

  • Ready to expand into new locations around the globe, with no connectivity blind spots. 
  • Safe in the knowledge that they have eliminated performance gaps, with infrastructure built for the IoT of today, and tomorrow. 
  • Armed with a single management console, to view the status and activity of each vessel, with future-focused intelligence.
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Global connectivity is just one click away

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How manufacturers can meet specific market needs for IoT.
  • The smartest route to seamless IoT connectivity around the world.
  • A demo of the floNET solution


Can your IoT connectivity offering compete with 1 EUR/Year?

Join Alan Cousineau, VP of Business Development at floLIVE, for his on-demand webinar, to learn:

  • How can I reduce costs to make IoT profitable?
  • What should I look for in modern Connectivity Management Solutions?
  • What is Software defined Connectivity and how can it solve your challenges?


Does your BSS offer these 5 Things?

This white paper includes:

  • How to start small and scale as you grow using the might of the cloud                                 
  • Specific use cases for leveling up using real-time visibility and control
  • The technology stack that provides self-management and control.


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Looking to reduce latency?

This white paper includes:

  • The answer to extending the battery life of IoT devices, making IoT truly profitable. 
  • Three varied approaches to reduce latency and therefore improve performance. 
  • The best way to balance connectivity with challenges such as roaming, security and compliance. 


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Case Study:

floLIVE helps Eseye to manage many thousands of devices globally

Learn how eseye:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Eliminated complexity of integrations
  • Improved incident resolution time from days to minutes
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Solution Brief:

IoT Service providers: Meet Global IoT Operations

Download our solution brief to discover: 

  • The technology behind global network-as-a-service, and why it’s faster, more compliant, and ready for edge computing use cases.
  • Our unique SIM technology, that takes advantage of autonomous switching and self-healing capabilities so that you’re always on.
  • How a mobile private network could improve your ability to meet SLA for your customers while strengthening your performance overall?
  • Why a next-gen Business Support System is going to add zeros to your bottom line when it comes to new IoT deployments?
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Solution Brief:

Mobile operators, expanding your IoT offerings?

Introducing… Software-Defined Connectivity. It provides:

  • A new kind of connectivity management platform that will help you beat the competition on price.
  • Local connectivity globally, avoiding permanent roaming restrictions and compliance problems entirely.
  • Flexible mobile private network solutions that can easily meet your customers’ specific security and performance needs.
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Solution Brief:

Looking for simpler, more global connectivity?

  • The seven steps that support manufacturers in meeting market needs.
  • The tricks for beating high costs and regulations to make global connectivity a reality.
  • The secrets behind a unique SIM technology that has zero gaps in service.
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