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Analyst report:

Amplifying the voice of the executive in IoT Survey

Read the report to:

  • The main challenges for MNOs, MVNOs and IoT Service Providers in offering IoT connectivity services today.
  • The true demand for eUICC, and the surprising issues standing in the way of eUICC adoption
  • 5G: How to monetize the low ARPU/IoT market and leverage 5G for business growth
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Case Study:

Helix Wireless Achieves Global Connectivity

By onboarding floNET, Helix Wireless benefitted from:

  • Global connectivity: Helix Wireless has connectivity anywhere in the world where consumers do business.
  • Integrated APIs: APIs integrated into the back-end, make it simple for Helix to offer robust connectivity and control.
  • Technical expertise: Helix Wireless benefit from technical knowledge and insight into global connectivity and growth.


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Securing your Global IoT Network

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How malicious actors broker access to IoT networks to enable remote cyberattacks
  • What to ask of your IoT connectivity supplier in terms of SIM-layer security
  • The security features your IoT service provider should offer, that make a real difference in protecting your devices.
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Analyst report:

What are the Criteria for Selecting a Global IoT Connectivity Partner?

Download this report written by Analysis Mason to learn:

  • Why global contracts? The driving factors causing the shift from national to regional and global contracts.
  • 10 connectivity considerations: A checklist for IoT connectivity to help companies make smart partnerships for success. 
  • Real-world examples: How OneLifeTeam uses floLIVE to get secure, compliant global connectivity for its medical devices.

Case Study:

Case Study: OneLifeTeam International Provides Users Safety and Security with floLIVE Connectivity

Read the full case study to learn how OLT:

  • Gained Global Coverage: Devices can now communicate globally, without the need to onboard dozens of relationships with multiple MNOs.
  • Benefits from One SKU: With a single SIM card that can automatically connect locally and compliantly on activation, supporting remote provisioning OTA.
  • Integrated with a Smart BSS: Managing the complexity of a B2B2C product, for example, hierarchical billing for multiple layers of customers.
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