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Solution Brief:

High-Performance Global Connectivity for IP Cameras

Read this solution brief to learn how you can:

  • Tap into the lucrative IP-camera market
  • Create resiliency through cellular connectivity
  • Achieve localization, regulatory compliance, and security through the right connectivity provider 
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Unlocking the Secrets to Global Connectivity on the Move for IoT Telematics

The connectivity conundrum in fleet telematics is that solutions are highly dependent on always-on connectivity. Yet achieving consistent connectivity in mobile solutions is challenged by inconsistent coverage. floLIVE Americas President Curtis Govan and Quake Global North America Director Dean Richmond detail how to achieve always-on connectivity for IoT telematics in this on-demand webinar, including:

  • The crucial technologies behind global connectivity
  • How to overcome the challenges in moving across coverage areas
  • What future technologies will impact fleet telematics
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Maximizing Profitability in the Connected Ecosystem

Profitability lies in the Internet of Things (IoT), but with lower ARPU devices, interoperability, and blindspots in data management, the road to ROI can be a challenge. Watch the on-demand webinar from floLIVE and MobileWare to learn:

  • How to tap into successful monetization models
  • The best approaches to unifying a fragmented ecosystem
  • How to achieve data-driven insights and peak visibility
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Case Study:

MobileWare Enhances Comprehensive Customer Management and Achieves Efficiencies with floLIVE

Streamlining services as an IoT solution provider can result in greater efficiencies, heightened customer service, and more global connectivity reach and availability.
Learn how MobileWare leveraged floLIVE to:

  • Tie together hardware and device management through a single pane of glass
  • Extend global coverage
  • Leverage a single SKU SIM
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Finding Revenue in Zero-Profit IoT: Tips and Tools for Connectivity Providers

Connectivity providers face profitability challenges in IoT due to diverse device types, requiring varied network compatibility and management complexities. Additionally, low data consumption per device limits revenue streams. Intense competition often drives prices down, while infrastructure investments and security measures further strain profitability, making sustainability a formidable task.
Download the eBook to learn:

  • How to maximize the assets you currently have
  • The role of a core network in expanding reach and revenue
  • Why an IoT-focused connectivity management platform provides more agility
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