Expediting your IoT growth

Gain ultra-fast time-to-market with our Software-defined Connectivity (SDC) solution suite, and start serving your enterprise customers at cloud-speed!

IoT offerings require mobile operators to be inherently agile. Barriers to success include heavy infrastructure requirements, roaming restrictions, operational complexity, compliance, security and high costs and eventually the always decreasing ARPU.

floLIVE provides the only solution that expends your solution globally,
reduces your operational complexities while reducing TCO.

Fully Converged IoT Management

IoT is a completely new business that follows its own rules. It abides by new regulations and it is controlled by its own economy. Traditional systems and platforms can’t come close.

floLIVE’s holistic IoT management suite comprises four main building blocks: Automated Connectivity Management, IoT-oriented LTE/5G Core Network, Device and eSIM Management, and Business Support Systems (BSS), including rating, charging, advanced billing and invoicing.

Together, these change the game for Mobile Operators looking to leverage the IoT space.

Easy, Global IoT Coverage

Are your customers going global? Are they reaching out to you to support their needs? If so, we have two intelligent and innovative solutions for you:

We have built a global, cloud-native and carrier-agnostic cellular data network based on CUPS technology, and we’re offering it as a global extension service to mobile operators.

For the first time, mobile operators can provide their enterprise customers the Quality of Service (QoS), security and performance they need on a global scale, completely as-a-service.

Highlights of our global network:

No capital investment -
offered as-a-service

High Performance and Low latency - achieved by our local
Packet Gateway array

Full cellular technology support -
including LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G

Pure software solution - enables higher service velocity and agility

You can choose to utilize this global network provision with your own SIMs and IMSIs and their existing roaming agreements, as well as augment it with the floLIVE Global IMSI Network.

Our global IMSI library is the most comprehensive in the world, and continually expanding. It enables us to provide local connectivity at attractive rates to any connected device operating in our global footprint.

Automatically switch between your own IMSI and one of our local IMSIs in areas where you do not have roaming agreements, and leverage the following benefits:

Roaming Safe

Privacy and
GDPR compliance

Ultra-fast deployment -
our infrastructure is already in place, all you have to do is use it.

business model

Mobile Private Network (MPN)

Think about enterprises with unique requirements such as Oil and Gas, Utilities or Manufacturing plants that need a lot more flexibility and security than a public network can offer. Similarly, many enterprises want customized elements of their network that a public solution can’t cater for.

Private LTE networks have the potential to grow CSP business revenue over the next few years. CSPs should invest in private LTE networks and develop customized offerings for various vertical industries.

floLIVE meets the security, performance and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of your enterprise customers ahead of time.

Key functions of our MPN include:

  • Flexible deployment: cloud, on-premises and hybrid
  • Adherence to enterprises’ corporate IT and Security policies
  • Addresses self-healing, performance and reliability demands
  • Comprehensive management capabilities
  • Cloud-native solution based on Kubernetes and Container technology

Welcome to the new world of BSS

A cloud-native Business Support System (BSS) takes responsibility for orchestrating and controlling the entire platform. From customer management of multiple tiers, hierarchies and identity allocation to a complete suite that supports your daily operations, real-time monitoring and troubleshooting – floBSS has you covered.

Key functions of our BSS include:

  • A powerful and intuitive multi-tier billing and rating engine supporting the entire IoT value chain.
  • Visual Service Creation Environment (SCE) allows creating, updating and customizing product catalogs, billing plans and other BSS entities without any code change.
  • Unified invoicing that spans to additional products and services beyond connectivity.
  • Supports the different tax rules and variations.
  • A microservices-based software architecture enables easy decoupling and integration with your existing systems.

Unique Remote SIM Provisioning

floSIM, our patented technology for Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP), provides both mobile operators and their enterprise customers far greater flexibility and control over their connectivity, at a fraction of the cost of eUICC-based solutions.

How is floSIM different?

It’s thin

floSIM manages IMSIs rather than entire SIM Profiles, thus has a lower footprint on the SIM
and much less bandwidth when downloading new profiles.

It’s autonomous

floSIM operates based on predefined business rules that every you can create. Even in cases of coverage gaps or connectivity loss, floSIM can switch to an alternate network to ensure it’s Always ON!

It’s free

Unlike eUICC-based Subscription Management platforms, floSIM does not incur any transaction fees. And since it’s thin, data charges associated with downloading an IMSI are dramatically lower.

It’s secure

floSIM, powered by floLIVE’s highly secure core network, embeds a patented technology
that provides unique data security and device protection measures.

It’s efficient

floSIM is a highly efficient solution for device and chipset manufacturers planning to deploy
millions of units out in the field, with its unique, patented technology.

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