Global cellular IoT connectivity
is just one click away

Cellular connectivity for IoT is the next big thing. A username and password is all you need to onboard our fully automated service platform and start deploying your IoT devices globally using cellular connectivity.

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Seamless global cellular connectivity for IoT at your fingertips

Global cellular IoT connectivity is the engine driving tomorrow’s connected world. However, it cannot be efficiently achieved with traditional connectivity solutions.

floLIVE introduces floNETthe world’s first cloud-native, Software-Defined Connectivity (SDC) solution – a modern global cellular connectivity and SIM management service fully designed for IoT, that optimizes performance globally.

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Through a unified panel, it provides the control, flexibility and security needed for building tomorrow’s global IoT solutions.

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Any Cellular IoT Device - Anywhere

Our unique, patent Multi-IMSI solution enables mobile devices to be activated anywhere in the world and receive cellular connectivity services for IoT through a local carrier, to overcome Permanent Roaming restrictions.
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Abstracting telecom complexities

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Managing and maintaining a myriad of different carrier integrations is difficult, time consuming and often results in slow and rigid service. floNET was designed and built from the ground up as a converged cloud-native service. We own and run our own technology, which means we can be affordable, agile and globally-uniform across any cellular network – all to enable the growth and expansion you needat cloud-speed.

Localizing IoT Devices Globally

Your path to TRUE global coverage

With an extensive IMSI library, globally-distributed core networks and a holistic, multi-layered security suite, our platform delivers the functionality necessary for efficiently deploying and managing global cellular IoT solutions.

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Multi-carrier, localized coverage

Multiple local IMSIs eliminate coverage gaps and roaming restrictions.

Data privacy compliance

Data remains in the country of origin, and connections can be terminated where necessary to comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Agentless Security

Our multi-layered security suite provides device and data protection without compromising on IoT device performance.

Bring your Own Agreement

Bring your existing agreements with you to the platform, including pre-negotiated rates and relationships.

Service Automation

Fully automated service platform, reduces human intervention and increases productivity and profit.

Single, Advanced Billing

One single, highly flexible invoice that covers all operators, currencies, plans and structures, including elements beyond connectivity for IoT devices.

Boosting performance with gradual engagement models

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Our focus is on getting the most out of your cellular IoT devices. That’s why floNET is targeted specifically at lowering latency, the factor proven to best extend battery life.

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Local PGWs

Firstly, we use local packet gateways deployed in the regions where your cellular IoT devices operate.

Application Servers

Secondly, we allow manufacturers to co-host application servers right alongside, reducing latency between the application and network layers.

Unique Data Exchange Technology

Lastly, our unique data exchange approach limits the amount of time your cellular IoT device needs to be active. All three unique technologies lower latency, increase battery life, and therefore directly improve device lifespan.

Welcome to the xSIM Era

Securing your SIM technology growth

Our industry experience, global outlook and customer-focus makes us acutely in tune with the dynamic needs and challenges of our customers. We know that you cannot afford to be limited to one SIM solution. That’s why we support PlasticeSIM and iSIM at the point of manufacture, as well as softSIM solutions provisioned over the air.

Throughout, we ensure the same service and security levels across all SIM cards regardless of their form factor or technology.

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Multi- IMSI over eUICC: The best of both worlds