A full stack of IoT connectivity solutions

We pride ourselves on being ahead of the pack, offering innovative solutions that meet the emerging connectivity use cases for the IoT industry. Whatever your need is, we have the solution that will help you launch your IoT projects.

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floNET: Global IoT Connectivity as-a-service

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floNET is our cloud based, global IoT solution. It provides seamless global connectivity to manufacturers, enterprises and mobile operators seeking regulatory compliance, and roaming-free IoT connectivity solutions with high performance and low latency. This is achieved by using our global IMSI library – the largest of its kind in the world, available in over 50 locations and constantly expanding to new territories.

floNET incorporates all the necessary elements required for a true global IoT connectivity service, making it a highly attractive solution:


A username and password is all that you need to start enjoying localized global IoT connectivity service via a single pane of glass

Highly Resilient

Secondary IMSIs are used to provide optimized coverage even in scenarios of coverage gaps, network failures and more.


Self-care and advanced troubleshooting capabilities allows for quick fault resolution
without relying on external resources.

floCONTROL - IoT Connectivity Management Platform

IoT scale is a whole new connectivity ball game, and our customers benefit from one holistic suite to manage their connectivity and IoT operations from end to end, including a single pane of glass approach that eliminates duplication, errors and blind spots. From creating customer identifiers and complete lifecycle management, allocation and assignment of rates and packages, all the way to real-time billing and invoicing, we cover all IoT projects and applications in your footprint. 

floCONTROL, floLIVE’s Connectivity Management Platform designed for IoT (internet of things), comprises several building blocks that can either operate on a standalone basis, or form an integral part of a complete IoT solution suite. 

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Mobile Private Network (MPN)

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Public networks offer a cookie-cutter approach to connectivity. In contrast, our Private Mobile Network solution meets unique requirements of latency, security and performance.

LTE/5G Mobile Private Networks seamlessly integrate with an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and adheres to its security and corporate policies, whilst ensuring high performance and centralized control via the cloud.

Think fully customized IoT solutions for ultra secure, low-latency and high speed network experiences, no matter the customer.

Global Network as-a-service

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Being fully committed to our customers means we always stay ahead of the game and utilize technology in a way that will serve them best. That’s why we use CUPS (Control/User Plane Separation) technology to build a global network of local user-plane packet gateways – GGSNs (3G), PGWs (LTE) and SMFs (5G).

This allows mobile network operators to extend their footprint to a global scale, and enterprises to enjoy a global high-performance network wherever they need it, sidestepping privacy regulations and improving performance for their IoT solutions and connectivity as a whole. We offer this unique global array as-a-service, meaning we will configure, manage and support this global network and constantly extend it to new countries and regions, with zero investment and maintenance for our customers.

Looking to meet privacy regulations or to boost reliability and overall performance? Our flexible network solutions for IoT have got you covered.

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floBSS - a telco-grade Business Support System Suite

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The business operations of your organization is how you really turn ideas into zeroes. Without being able to accurately manage customers and connected devices, IoT solutions are impossible to see new revenues from. That’s why our BSS handles billing and rating, invoicing, taxation and customer management, and comes with templates that can be used out of the box.

Moreover, understanding that the business environment of mobile operators is constantly adapting to reality, our BSS comes with a complete Service Creation Environment (SCE) that allows any business analyst to create new services, IoT solutions, offerings and bundles without the hassle of change requests, code writing and testing – a modern, graphical code-less tool is key to mobile operator success, introducing new and innovative business propositions and providing best-in-class service to your customers.

Unique IoT connectivity solutions for boosting device performance

Replacing a device battery can be more expensive than replacing the device itself, so the profitability of your IoT value-added services is dependent on extending battery life as much as possible. This in turn is directly connected to latency.

We’re as flexible as they come, and so we offer our customers three levels of engagement to help with this challenge.

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Local PGWs

Firstly, we use local packet gateways deployed in the regions where your devices operate.

Application Servers

Secondly, we allow manufacturers to co-host application servers right alongside, reducing latency between the application and network layers.

Unique Data Exchange Technology

Lastly, our unique data exchange approach limits the amount of time your device needs to be active. All three unique technologies lower latency, increase battery life, and therefore directly improve device lifespan.

The higher the integration, the lower the latency and the better the lifespan of your IoT devices. Let’s talk about your specific needs.

Network Resiliency Service

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If always-on cellular connectivity is a must-have for your organization, you need more than a single connectivity provider for your IoT devices. On the other hand, multi-vendor complexity could slow down the pace of business, and be a headache to manage.

floLIVE offers a back-up cellular IoT connectivity solution, fully managed by the MNO, and ready to kick in according to custom-built rules and business logic at SIM-level. The MNO can manage IMSI switching in real-time, directly from the web portal, or via API.

In cases of radio coverage failure or loss of network availability, essential business applications don’t have to miss a beat.