IoT Service Providers: Streamline Your Operations Globally

Drastically improve your global management and control capabilities with a single global IoT connectivity provider, eliminating multi-operator complexities – all at Cloud Speed.

Our global IoT solutions makes connectivity easy

IoT Service Providers can now provide best-in-class global IoT connectivity and networking solutions to their customers. Avoid architectural and roaming limitations, guarantee best-in-class performance and resource usage, and focus on what matters - delivering and monetizing value-added services.

Mobile Private Network (MPN)

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Do you have partner fatigue from working with multiple costly and complex integrations?

Work with a single IoT connectivity provider. Use floLIVE’s expertise to build your own, private core network. Our advanced, cloud-native core network supports all cellular technologies, automatic scaling, enhanced security measures and more.

IoT service providers can enjoy the values and benefits of fully owning their own private core network, to help streamline IoT operations:

  • Utilize our real-time online charging capabilities to prevent fraud and react to anomalies.
  • Reduce your TCO with automatic scaling.
  • Gain full, uniform visibility of your connected devices anywhere they operate.
  • Provide lightning-fast support and maintenance to your customers – reducing incident resolution time from days to minute
  • Enforce your IT and Security policies, procedures and measures, globally.
  • Control financial impact with a smooth and gradual service-based business model.

Hand over the complexities of carrier integration to us, and spend more time on your advanced services and business model. We guarantee your customers will thank you for it.

For today’s IoT service providers - it's all about providing TRUE global coverage

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Whether using a global roaming SIM, virtual SIM Profiles or direct carrier IMSIs, extending your global reach with a truly global solution has never been easier! floLIVE offers two globally unique solutions to complement your existing coverage.

We have built a global, cloud-native and carrier-agnostic cellular data network based on CUPS technology, and we’re offering it as a global extension service to mobile operators.

For the first time, mobile operators can provide their enterprise customers the Quality of Service (QoS), security and performance they need on a global scale, completely as-a-service.

Highlights of our global network:

No capital investment -
offered as-a-service

High Performance and Low latency - achieved by our local
Packet Gateway array

Full cellular technology support -
including LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G

Pure software solution - enables higher service velocity and agility

You can choose to utilize this global network provision with your own SIMs and IMSIs and their existing roaming agreements, as well as augment it with the floLIVE Global IMSI Network.

Our global IMSI library is the most comprehensive in the world, and continually expanding. It enables us to provide local connectivity at attractive rates to any connected device operating in our global footprint.

Automatically switch between your own IMSI and one of our local IMSIs in areas where you do not have roaming agreements, and leverage the following benefits:

Permanent Roaming Safe

Privacy and
GDPR compliance

Ultra-fast deployment -
our infrastructure is already in place, all you have to do is use it.

business model

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Unique SIM Technology. Offering seamless global IoT coverage

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More advanced and more cost-effective than eUICC solutions

floSIM is our patented technology for RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning), and is targeted at IoT service providers looking for more flexibility and control, without the heavy price tag associated with eUICC-based solutions.

How is floSIM different?

Lower Bandwidth

floSIM manages IMSIs rather than SIM Profiles. This results in a lower footprint on the SIM and much less bandwidth when downloading new IMSIs.

Autonomous Switching

Set your own pre-defined business rules and floSIM will do the rest. When you come up against coverage gaps, or your devices lose connectivity, autonomous switching finds an alternate network so that you’re always on.

Zero Transaction Fees

Low bandwidth means data charges for downloading IMSIs are much lower than you might have seen with another solution, plus floSIM works without any transaction fees. Just another benefit over eUICC-based platforms.

Unique Device Protection

floSIM, powered by floLIVE’s highly secure core network, and with its patented security technology, offers truly ironclad data and device protection.

Ready to Scale

As a highly efficient solution, floSIM supports global manufacturers with their specific roadmaps. This can span to even millions of units deployed at scale and speed.

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Serving global IoT service providers with a cloud-based BSS

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A monolith, hardware-intensive platform does not suit the lightweight and dynamic nature of global IoT – this is the era of the cloud!

floBSS allows IoT Service Providers to customize and add products and services to their offering independently, avoiding vendor lock-in, lengthy change requests and the associated price tags.