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Case Study:

BERMAD Achieves Worldwide IoT Coverage with a Single SKU

floLIVE provides BERMAD with a single SIM with one SKU for coverage worldwide, allowing the company to benefit from:

  • Coverage in 86 countries worldwide
  • A digital offering that’s fully under its own control
  • Single contract and bill for all global services
  • Full visibility for expedited fault-resolution
  • Attractive rates for customer data packages
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Solution Brief:

The Era of Instant Localized Global Coverage is Here

Read this solution brief to learn how you can:

  • Simplify operations: One global SIM, one vendor, and one contract
  • Ensure top performance: Broad cellular capabilities, low latency, and versatile use cases.
  • Gain full control: Complete solution stack control, real-time data insights, and competitive edge with floLIVE.
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Multi-IMSI vs eUICC: Why Leveraging Both is the Future of IoT Connectivity

When weighing options for multi-network SIMs, it generally comes down to two main choices; Multi-IMSI, and eUICC. In this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • The impact of Multi-IMSI solutions
  • The benefits of eUICC
  • Bringing the two solutions together

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Case Study:

floLIVE’s IoT Connectivity Solution Saves InstPower 50% of Connectivity Costs

InstPower wanted to understand why they were dealing with these added costs, and turned to floLIVE’s Customer Service, look to learn:

  1. Why the local devices had higher data usage and related costs?
  2. How they could analyse a breakdown of this usage?
  3. What IoT connectivity solution would help to reduce these added costs?
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Maximizing Coverage: Combining Satellite & 5G Cellular Connectivity

Did you know that cellular coverage only reaches about 20% of the world’s population? That means there are many areas that are completely cut off from cellular connectivity, creating dead zones where devices cannot connect to the internet or transmit data.

  • The working and technical aspects of 5G and satellite connectivity
  • The power of a single multi-network SIM offering both cellular and satellite coverage.
  • Real-world use cases demonstrating how this combined network can bolster business growth & global IoT connectivity
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