November 3

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floLIVE SIM 2.0: A More Secure and Flexible Way of Managing Your IoT Connectivity Solutions

floLIVE SIM 2.0 a more secure way to do iot connectivity

The long-term growth of our global economy depends on reliable and secure IoT connectivity solutions. From remotely controlled alarm systems to large-scale crop and livestock monitoring, businesses and industries need seamless communication between devices at any time.

Still, implementing IoT connectivity solutions at scale can be a big ask. Not only do they rely on a sound infrastructure on the ground that needs ongoing maintenance, but there are also implications when it comes to data security and connectivity. Not to mention the increase in permanent roaming bans and latency and throughput issues which can further exacerbate reliability.

All of this has highlighted the need for a flexible, highly secure solution that can be managed from the cloud. floLIVE has recently released an update to its floLIVE SIM 2.0 technology which uses hardware security module (HSM) to manage and store encryption keys of any eSIM, iSIM and Multi-IMSI SIM Card. The technology is opening up the door to a wider range of over-the-air (OTA) communications and has made the maintenance of SIM cards much easier and more secure.

Easier, More Secure OTA Communications

eUICC revolutionised the telecommunications space by allowing devices to switch operator profiles over-the-air (OTA). While the technology has had a wide application, its limitations still persist. Users still have to adopt a piecemeal approach to SIM management and intervene each time a SIM needs an update or changes to its configuration. Not to mention the data consumption and transaction costs associated with these updates.

floLIVE SIM 2.0 relies on a multi-IMSI technology, but observes and applies the eUICC standards in order to provide a standardised, easy-to-implement solution. The technology uses a hardware security module (HSM) to add another layer of protection to all of your encryption keys and cryptographic operations. Its applet also relies on SCP80 and SCP81 security channels for authenticating and updating your SIM which makes the solution a whole lot more standard and secure.

Finally, the solution relies on standard Remote Application Management (RAM) and Remote File Management (RFM) methods to support campaign management at scale. For instance, imagine you have 10,000 devices that need a new IMSI installed, but not all of them are “awake” at the same time. floLIVE SIM 2.0 gives you visibility over which devices have been successfully updated and which are still pending so that you can stay in full control over the process at any given time until it’s complete. Not only is this more time-efficient, but a whole lot more reliable than any other manual process, prone to human and machine errors.

All the Flexibility, None of the Hassle

Regardless of the industry you operate in, security is paramount for any IoT connectivity solution. This relates not only to the security protocols used to authenticate and communicate with the SIM, but also to the way in which the encryption codes are stored and managed.

A common vulnerability with standard IoT solutions is unauthorized access to your SIM encryption keys (for instance, by your SIM vendor). floLIVE SIM 2.0 removes this vulnerability by allowing you to change your SIM keys OTA and manage them via a third-party, recognized HSM. This way, you can remain assured that no other entity in the world has access to your security keys or can penetrate your connected assets.

Standardised SIM Commissioning

All these changes mean that you can be smarter about how you deploy and manage your IoT connectivity solutions. Instead of having to wait weeks or months to deploy the solution because you need to pre-configure your SIM cards, you can now do this much faster and do all configuration, bug fixes and software updates remotely.

The RAM and RFM methods increase the lifecycle of your SIM by always keeping it up-to-date and connected to the right network, while the CMP gives you a bird’s eye view of all of your settings and devices.

Food for Thought

Any IoT connectivity solution is complex by nature, but that doesn’t mean that its maintenance should be complex as well. Whether you need to update SIMs, introduce new connectivity providers, fix bugs or simply perform software updates of your applet, having an easy and quick way to do this at scale can futureproof your solution.

floLIVE SIM 2.0 gives you a platform that supports fully remote management of all of your SIM configurations and activities. We enable a standardised and secure communication line with your SIM cards giving you full visibility over your devices and ensuring the longevity of your solutions by removing the need to ever recall or physically replace a SIM.

Do you want to find out more about our floLIVE SIM 2.0 technology and how it can support your IoT Connectivity Solution? Get in touch today and our team will be happy to help.

November 3

Customer Success


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