April 2

Alisa Moloney

AIoT: Adapting to an Evolving Technology Environment

A hand holding a smartphone showing the image of floLIVE's new AI chatbot, floBOT.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to become an integral layer of the digitalization of business, operations, and life. IoT has steadily been gaining traction as businesses harness its transformative potential. From enhancing operational efficiency and asset management to enabling data-driven decision-making, IoT solutions offer competitive advantages. Adoption rises as organizations recognize the value of real-time insights, cost savings, and scalability, driving innovation across industries worldwide.

The emergence of AI in IoT revolutionizes interconnected systems, enabling intelligent decision-making and automation. AI algorithms analyze vast streams of IoT data, extracting insights for optimized operations, predictive maintenance, and personalized services. This synergy empowers smart cities, industries, and homes with efficiency, resilience, and innovative capabilities, shaping a connected future. These two technologies can merge to form a powerful combination, AIoT (artificial intelligence IoT).

The AIoT Outlook and Preparing for the Future

AI and IoT technologies are certainly on the roadmap for enterprises, whether it is an organization leveraging IoT – such as a fleet manager using telematics – or an organization looking to enter the IoT market as an enablement service, such as the business selling those telematics solutions. 

Businesses priming technology for AI integration should prioritize data architecture refinement, ensuring accessibility and quality. Implementing scalable cloud infrastructure facilitates AI deployment and experimentation. Investing in AI-capable hardware accelerates processing power. 

The data and connectivity players in the market are positioned to see sweeping changes as AI and IoT converge and are more widely adopted. 

AI will revolutionize data provision for data and computing providers, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and customization. Advanced algorithms will automate data collection, analysis, and interpretation, augmenting insights for clients. AI-driven predictive analytics will anticipate trends and consumer behavior, empowering data providers with actionable intelligence. Consequently, AI will redefine the value proposition of data services, driving competitiveness and innovation.

Mobile Network Operators must adapt infrastructure to support AI’s demands. Upgrading to high-speed, low-latency networks facilitates real-time data processing. Investing in AI-capable hardware and software enables intelligent traffic management and predictive maintenance. Collaboration with AI vendors fosters innovation. Developing expertise in AI integration ensures seamless deployment and optimization for enhanced services.

Integrating AIoT into Operations

The technology landscape constantly shifts and evolves, with AI as the next new frontier. The integration of AI can be found in many approaches – for example, MNOs face an opportunity to leverage AI within its operations. 

AI can revolutionize service delivery and customer experience. In the future, intelligent algorithms will optimize network performance, predict and prevent outages, and personalize services. AI-driven automation will streamline operations –  reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Ultimately, AI will enable mobile operators to offer more reliable, responsive, and innovative connectivity solutions.

At floLIVE, we’ve taken a significant step in enhancing our customer service with AI.

Introducing floBOT: Your AI-Powered IoT Guide

Our follow-the-sun customer support will always be a work in progress because we believe there is no ceiling to providing best-in-class service to our customers. So when we found a new way to open more doors to our customers, we were thrilled at the opportunity. We’ve partnered with askIoT to develop our new AI-powered chatbot, floBOT – which is more than just a chatbot. It’s a revolutionary AI-powered assistant designed to provide access to floLIVE’s IoT connectivity solutions. By engaging in dialogue with floBOT, users can tap into a wealth of knowledge, drawing on the vast product capabilities of floLIVE. But floBOT’s role goes beyond that of a knowledgeable guide; it’s also a designer of tailored IoT solutions, capable of understanding and addressing the unique needs of each user.

Personalizing customer interactions through our platform and anticipating their requirements can be game-changing for how organizations approach their IoT initiatives. With the adoption of groundbreaking technologies like floBOT, we are looking ahead to an era where companies can forge more profound, meaningful connections with their customers, enhancing interaction and engagement.

It’s what we believe in when we envision a connected world – new ways to connect people to bring more good to every interaction. We’re excited to provide this on our own home front as we enable our customers to do the same. 

April 2

Alisa Moloney


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