February 14

Asaf Gigi

Connecting Hearts, People, and the World through IoT

floLive Valentines

This Valentine’s Day at floLIVE, we’re feeling the floLOVE for IoT and its power to strengthen hearts, connect people, and, overall, tie the globe together. This tremendous technology can take one connection and turn it into thousands, millions, to bridge gaps in ways unlike we’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples and reflect on how much this technology can support the people we love:

A Heartfelt Device

Not to start off this love letter to IoT too grimly, but cardiovascular disease is the leading killer worldwide that can create serious complications and comorbidities. Any potential method for treating or preventing this significant health issue should be applauded and IoT is an area where healthcare meets technology to do just so. 

Remote patient monitoring is when you can connect patients and providers remotely for comprehensive monitoring outside a traditional in-person facility. This can be done through remote electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring and/or cardiac rhythm monitoring, as well as monitoring blood pressure, pulse oximetry, body weight, and medication adherence. 

Early detection of cardiac events can truly be lifesavers, and these devices collect data that is viewed in the framework of what is normal and abnormal for the particular patient. Any anomalies are flagged and brought to the provider’s attention. This is useful for the ongoing care of cardiac patients and also for those cardiac patients who have just returned home from a hospital visit to help avoid readmission. 

It’s amazing to think that a device that can be held or worn has the power to save lives, but this is the point we’ve reached with IoT and this is a life-saving practice that will only continue to grow. 

Getting the Pulse on Family from Afar

Aging in place is a growing trend as a large population of adults begins aging. According to a recent AARP survey, more than three-quarters of adults aged 50 and above claimed they desired to age in their homes for as long as possible. 

This can create challenges for families who do not live close to their aging relatives and cannot physically check in on their loved ones frequently. 

Devices such as mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS), other wearable health and safety devices, and connected tablets and phones pair together sensors, GPS, and mobile connectivity that can be viewed through a mobile application and shared with loved ones. 

Advanced applications in this IoT technology segment can pair artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor patterns in loved one’s behavior and flag concerns such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Being away from family certainly can be difficult, but IoT is helping to connect loved ones better than ever. 

Covering the Ones You Love

Speaking of protection, IoT has numerous safety applications that can help ensure the ones you love arrive home safe and sound. 

One of our customers, Rider Dome, has created a motorcycle fleet safety solution that helps support driver safety. This is part of an entire fleet safety ecosystem that protects drivers from dangers on the road, such as accidents or weather hazards, or even unsafe driver behavior like texting or drowsiness. 

Workplace safety is a significant area in IoT, such as workers on a construction site. Video monitoring and wearables can ensure that workers and employers are meeting safety regulations and compliance requirements. The same holds true for line and floor workers in manufacturing and production plants. 

Smart buildings and cities can be equipped with video monitoring, smart lighting, and even smart traffic signals, so as your loved ones move about from work to home, they can be offered added protection from smart devices programmed to support safety. 

In times of natural disaster, IoT devices can help you remain connected to your loved ones through satellite connectivity when cellular solutions are downed. Crisis can be faster mitigated through first-response teams equipped with smart devices and programs to respond in near real-time as information is swiftly communicated. 

Dear IoT, We Love You

The power of IoT is all around us. And IoT and floLIVE are the perfect pair, we go together like two valentines – year-round. What is IoT without the lifeline of connectivity? Every device must communicate through connectivity and all that we do at floLIVE is to enable it. Whether through our core network, our connectivity management platform, our Multi-IMSI and eUICC SIM solutions, and more – everything we do is for the success of IoT. So it’s no secret that P.S., IoT, we love you. Let’s get the conversation going on how we can turn our passion into your profit. 

This graphic, showing a blue, lighted globe, allows readers to click a link to learn more about IoT Connectivity.

February 14

Asaf Gigi


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