December 27

Bill Wark

Connectivity of the Stars and floLIVE at CES

floLIVE and Skylo will present on NTN connectivity during CES 2024.

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) have been a hot topic in 2023 and will likely remain so as we move into the new year. Recently, the 3GPP has created specifications that help pair satellite and global cellular connectivity to create a hybrid NTN connectivity approach. Through a shared mobile platform between terrestrial and satellite systems, NTN connectivity can span the globe for mobile communications.

NTN connectivity, when paired with cellular connectivity can help meet the demand that connectivity is ubiquitous from all points of origin to destinations without interruption. A cargo ship moving across the Atlantic Ocean might be heavily populated with cargo monitoring solutions, asset trackers, and even sensors monitoring a ship’s health, performance, and movement. Losing connectivity mid-trip is not an option when expecting peak performance from this ecosystem of digital solutions. 

Why Consider Satellite & Cellular Hybrid Coverage? 

Agriculture sensors, oil rigs equipped with sensors, or land-based geographics with coverage gaps all pose challenges to globally connected solutions that require “always-on” connectivity. 

A cellular and NTN approach can create an opportunity for solutions to remain connected in challenging areas or as sensors travel. Stitching together cellular connectivity with satellite creates a hybrid approach that allows the most available network to be leveraged.

floLIVE and Skylo are partnered to offer ubiquitous global connectivity whether devices are stationary or traveling on land, air, or sea through a Direct-to-Device offering.

floLIVE’s hyperlocal global data network and comprehensive global carrier library based on an array of interconnected local core mobile networks allow centrally managed local cellular connectivity for any device, including NTN coverage. 

Join floLIVE at CES 2024

floLIVE’s Americas President Curtis Govan and Skylo Director Hugh Stevenson will provide greater detail, including the benefits of a hybrid cellular and NTN approach in reaching true, global connectivity during CES on January 9 at 10:45 a.m. PT. 

The presentation takes place at the floLIVE booth #11071 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall. 

Govan is participating in a panel session, “Global Disaster Relief: IoT to the Rescue,” on January 10 at 2:40 p.m. PT at Lando 4302 Venetian. This panel will tackle the intersection of IoT and meeting global disaster challenges from a proactive and a reactive standpoint. Massive IoT lends itself to the opportunity to connect hundreds of thousands of devices to monitor land, air, and sea conditions to help predict when a disaster may occur and also to mobilize help after a disaster has struck. 

One important key to fostering Massive IoT is true worldwide connectivity that can be implemented locally but sourced and managed from a global platform that delivers real-time visibility and uniform control. 

Let’s Talk at CES!

floLIVE experts will also be on hand during the conference, which runs from Jan 9-12, to discuss our hyperlocal global network and our fully owned core network tech stacks that allow the freedom, flexibility, and robust coverage to deliver global scale with simplicity. 

Book a meeting to talk one-on-one and learn more about the floLIVE difference. We hope to see you there!

Read thsi case study to see how floLIVE helped Helix achieve global connectivity.

December 27

Bill Wark


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