March 22

Curtis Govan

Finding a needle in a haystack

a needle in a haystack

The Guiding Lesson

In May of 2007, I embarked on the greatest journey of my career, joining Jasper Technologies. For almost 13 years, I was fortunate to work with an all-star collection of professionals that were brilliant, a joy to be around, and incredibly passionate about building the best “Automated IoT Connectivity Management Platform” in the world. By all standards, especially Silicon Valley startup standards, we were successful achieving the pinnacle startup status of unicorn and getting acquired in March of 2016, for $1.4B.


The greatest lesson from my time with Jasper is there are many problems for companies to solve, but what overshadows the difficulties and makes the successes sweeter are the people with whom you share the journey. In my search for a new venture, this lesson was my main guide.


As a result, on February 17th, I began a new journey with floLIVE as President – North America.   Already I feel the warmth and passion of the people and see their technical knowledge and strength in the floLIVE products. Additionally, floLIVE is backed by strong investors, including 83North, Saban Ventures, Qualcomm, and Dell.  The company recently raised $21.5M in their Series B round of funding.


Finding a needle in a haystack

With the exponential growth of the IoT industry over the last decade and the large number of solutions and solution providers, I began my search not expecting to find a company with a unique value proposition. Through a trusted friend, I found floLIVE, a needle in the IoT haystack.


Why is floLIVE special?

floLIVE was founded in January of 2015 and is a privately held company.  By definition, it’s a startup; however, the floLIVE Global IoT management suite is a mature, fully-integrated, cloud-native solution providing multi-layered security and extensive global coverage. The solution is comprised of four key elements: Core Network, Device Management, Billing & CRM and SIM management.

These solutions were independently built over the last 15 years and have been tried and tested by dozens of demanding customers with mission critical needs. Now, they are fully integrated to create the industry’s most comprehensive global IoT management suite.

Efficiency and Service are core to IoT

Having worked together for 15+ years, the floLIVE founders have built multiple successful telecom solution startups. When they decided to get into the IoT space, they an amazing market opportunity, but the current supporting solutions were highly disparate making it difficult for customers to easily achieve their desired objectives.

As the founders looked to solve this problem, they used the same approach that led to their previous successes; that is, they approached IoT from an end-customer perspective and worked backwards from there, concluding that the Internet of Things is about two core things – efficiency and service. Companies are trying to improve efficiency throughout their business and/or grow their revenue base by extending or adding new services.

This perspective led to the fully-integrated floLIVE Global IoT Management

Suite; designed specifically for optimal business efficiency and to support an array of existing and new services and business models. The floLIVE Global IoT Suite makes IoT easy for enterprises, MNOs, MVNOs, IoT Solution Providers, IoT Cloud Providers, multi-MNO domestic deployments, multi-national deployments, remote area deployments, etc.

I’m thrilled to join the floLIVE team and look forward to helping our customers grow their respective businesses.

And so, the journey begins…

Do you need help with your next IoT project? Let’s talk.

Curtis Govan, President – North America

March 22

Curtis Govan


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