October 25

Anna Vainer

floLIVE & ARQIA Partner to Provide Compliant Local Cellular Connectivity for IoT in Brazil

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floLIVE, a leading provider of advanced 5G network solutions and a full suite of private and cloud-based global cellular connectivity services for IoT use cases, is pleased to announce an agreement with ARQIA, Datora Group’s mobile technology unit. ARQIA is the first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) fully focused on the IoT and M2M market in Brazil. ARQIA is fully authorized by ANATEL to operate locally in Brazil and is a leader in their category, offering advanced IoT solutions to enterprise and carrier customers.

The partnership allows ARQIA to allocate its IMSI range to floLIVE’s IMSI library. ARQIA’s IMSIs provide access to TIM Brazil’s network – which has the largest coverage in Brazil with a national reach of 93% of the urban population.

Curtis Govan

“Permanent roaming is a real challenge for IoT devices that do not simply roam for 3 months and then return ‘home,’” said floLIVE’s Americas President, Curtis Govan. “Some countries such as China, Turkey and Brazil do not allow permanent roaming and mandate the use of a local SIM for IoT devices. With this partnership, floLIVE’s customers will be able to include Brazil in their global IoT connectivity roadmap – compliant with all national regulations and permanent roaming safe.”

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with floLIVE, a company that is facilitating IoT growth around the world with innovative solutions for connectivity challenges.” commented Eduardo Resende, ARQIA. “By including ARQIA in floLIVE’s comprehensive IMSI library, global enterprises can allow IoT devices to land in Brazil seamlessly, connect automatically or even autonomously switch where necessary, and at all times stay fully compliant with Brazil’s complex data privacy and roaming laws. This will allow floLIVE to offer their customers the best possible connectivity nationwide to meet their IoT business requirements.”


ARQIA, Datora Group’s mobile technology unit, was born from the desire to insert M2M and IoT solutions at the core of every company.  ARQIA is part of a solid group with a brand that is present in more than 80 countries. We create secure, flexible connections to integrate the latest technology with everything around us. It is as simple as that! Throughout 5 years in the market, ARQIA has enabled more than half a million connections of data among machines, helping entrepreneurs and businesses to go beyond. Learn how we can bring the future of connectivity to your business!

October 25

Anna Vainer


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