September 29

Asaf Gigi

floLIVE and Baicells announce the launch of the first DIY Private 5G network


Offering a turnkey Mobile Private Network to better serve local and global environments for IoT and Industry 4.0

London, UK and Plano, TX, US, 29 September 2022 – floLIVE, the creator of the world’s first and largest global hyperlocal network and provider of cloud-native 5G network solutions, and Baicells, a leading LTE and 5G cellular radio access network (RAN) provider for indoor and outdoor networks, today announced the launch of a new Private 5G solution for Industry 4.0 and IoT use cases. The turnkey solution includes a mobile core network, RAN elements and SIMs, supported by a unified management layer.

The new offering can be easily deployed on premises or hosted from the cloud or even in a hybrid configuration. It is designed to be deployed by the enterprise’s IT organization without the need of professional Systems Integrators, offering organizations of all types operational simplicity, improved economics and faster time to service.

With this new approach, enterprises can quickly kickstart a solution rollout with a cloud-based service, which can later transition into an on-premises or hybrid solution as needs demand to cater for localized functions like enhanced security, low latency, or even outbound roaming outside the campus.

Recent industry innovations that enabled new and more affordable cellular spectrum models such as CBRS in the US, Lokale Netze in Germany, and unlicensed spectrum bands in the UK are presenting the enterprise a host of new use cases that were not possible with legacy solutions. And already having seen such immediate benefits to these models, similar initiatives by the governments of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Sweden, and The Netherlands, are well on their way.

To expedite deployment, the Mobile Private Network elements come pre-configured. Whether being hosted from the cloud, or as a turnkey “network-in-a-box”, a unified, web-based, automated management application provides a single pane of glass to configure, operate and manage the network without having to bring on new support staff or invest heavily in new training.

No longer is cellular the exclusive domain of large mobile network operators, but now enterprises of all types and sizes can benefit from a highly tailored solution that supports a variety of use cases and offers a smooth introduction to the promise of 5G network technology.

“We are excited to launch this new offering with a leading RAN provider such as Baicells”, says Asaf Gigi, VP Marketing at floLIVE. “We’ve learned that many Private 5G technology deployments fail due to the highly experienced personnel required to deploy, configure and operate them. With our new approach, we simplify all aspects of ordering, deploying, operating and expanding the system, making it highly attractive to our enterprise customers.”

The new private 5G network offering is not limited to campuses and closed perimeter environments. The growing need to seamlessly and securely connect devices beyond the campus aligns well into floLIVE’s network model. FloLIVE can bring wide area connectivity to the equation with their portfolio of global roaming relationships with multiple mobile operators.

Enterprises benefit not only from the privacy, security, and performance of their own private network, but also from seamless handover between the private and public networks that ensures their devices are connected at all times. A highly attractive proposition for select verticals like logistics, manufacturing, and ports where large numbers of devices need to be tracked over extended distances in real time. And all fully manageable and served by a single SIM from a single provider, via a single web portal with a single bill at the end of the month. Simple and easy.

“Private cellular and 5G are a great fit for these enterprises and we’re only in the early innings with regard to awareness and deployment. Introducing flexible solutions that are simple and familiar to those in the IT environment is a key step to seeing the embedded base grow. Contributing our industry leading RAN platforms to the floLIVE solution is a win for these types of enterprises.” Tony Eigen, VP Marketing at Baicells.

Both floLIVE and Baicells will be at the Mobile World Congress Industry Event September 28-30 in Las Vegas. If you are attending the show, stop by to meet with experts to learn more, talk use cases and existing projects.

September 29

Asaf Gigi


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