August 3

Anna Vainer

Exciting News Klaxon! floLIVE was Just Awarded ‘Most Promising Technology 2020’ by CIO Review.

Most Promising Technology 2020 award

It’s always great to be awarded industry recognition, and even more so when it comes from as great a source as CIO Review!


The leading enterprise IT magazine is known for having its finger on the pulse of the most innovative and exciting new technologies on the market, so we’re delighted to have been recognized with the ‘Most Promising Technology’ award for 2020.

Here are just a few of the features that CIO Review highlighted.

We Own the Entire Technology Stack: Without being reliant on third-party mobile operators or mobile virtual network operators, floLIVE can offer ultimate flexibility and control. Specific security or performance needs? No problem, we can create your own private network that can be run to your specifications exactly.

We Offer a Global Mobile Network, with Local Breakout Points: The balance has always been between scaling your service offerings globally while ensuring the best possible performance for your users. The floLIVE technology means that you don’t have to choose, with core network capabilities in more than 50 locations globally, offering global, yet locally performant connectivity.

Our BSS (Business Support Systems) Go Beyond Connectivity: It’s all about ease of use, and CIO Review made a point of highlighting that our connectivity solution goes further than infrastructure alone. Added billing and invoicing capabilities that are both automated and intelligent allow for a seamless integration with backend functions of the business, too. Rather than multiple relationships with disparate providers, all of whom may have a different way of doing business, floLIVE is one single point of contact.

Your Network Can be Optimized by Immediate Requirements: “Another striking aspect of floLIVE is that it abstracts the complexity of managing multiple global networks.” Say goodbye to manual switching between network operators, your service will benefit from autonomous switching if your network has any trouble. Built to work and complement alongside container and Kubernetes technologies, your network will scale and optimize alongside demand with ultimate flexibility and agility.

Awards like this one validate our belief that we have created something exceptional for the IoT world, better connected, more available and inherently exposed, and truly ready to support enterprises and service providers with a cloud-enabled, IoT-driven future. To learn more and discuss your unique business context, Connect with us.

August 3

Anna Vainer


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