April 27

Anna Vainer

floLIVE merges with BD Innovations, Adding Advanced BSS Capabilities to its Global IoT Connectivity

floLIVE merges with BD Innovations

Our innovative connectivity platform is continuing to make strides in the IoT sphere, attracting the best talent and gaining a reputation as an exciting improvement on traditional connectivity solutions that rely on outdated technology and patchwork relationships with various mobile operators globally. As part of our expansion, we are excited to announce our merger with BD Innovations, a next-generation cloud-native Business Support System provider for enterprises, service providers and more.

“This merger expands our ability to provide all-in-one connectivity solutions to our customers. The BD Innovations solution adds flexible BSS modules to our connectivity platform, so that our customers can benefit from highly advanced, cloud-native capabilities such as real-time billing and rating, advanced Customer Management and intelligent network control.” Nir Shalom, CEO of floLIVE

Benefits of this new relationship for floLIVE customers include:

  1. Smart billing and invoicing: Real-time rating and billing services, unified invoicing and secure solutions for financial services.
  2. Automation: A rich automation engine streamlines business processes and drives efficient customer service, security and guaranteed level of service on a global scale.
  3. Inherent CRM: Give your business department a deeper insight into customer behavior, alongside campaign management and marketing tools.
  4. Intelligent business process management: Our BSS is future-focused and scalable, allowing you to create new revenue streams through advanced services and functions.

Boris Shagalov, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of BD Innovations also commented on the merger, and in particular, the benefits of embracing connectivity in preparation for an IoT-driven future.

“As a combined brand, BD Innovations and floLIVE will be stronger, more feature-rich and more effective than either could achieve alone. Together, we now offer enhanced capabilities and access to new markets that can support us in catering to the roadmaps of our customers. IoT is the future, and we’re ready to support customers in their journey.”

Got any questions about the merger, or what this new relationship could achieve for your business? Get in touch!

April 27

Anna Vainer


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