June 5

Anna Vainer

floLIVE Wins 2024 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

2024 Digital Innovator Award

floLIVE recognized as industry leading solutions provider to the enterprise IoT sector

LONDON, UK (June 4, 2024) –  floLIVE, creator of the world’s first and largest hyperlocal global cellular network and a leading provider of global connectivity and network services for IoT, announces today it has been awarded the 2024 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx as a recognition of its solutions and services in the enterprise IoT sector.

The enterprise IoT market is expected to grow by 19% annually, reaching $483 billion in spending by 2027. Some of the biggest drivers in the market will be software, applications, and AI – with an estimated 47 percent of IoT applications including an AI element by 2027. Overall the wave of IoT is going to have a significant impact on digital transformation for enterprises.

Enterprises leveraging IoT or creating IoT solutions to sell to organizations, however, face numerous complexities in infrastructure, connectivity, security, regulatory compliance and interoperability within the IoT ecosystem. Solution providers – or vendors – are able to help tie these elements together to enable digital transformation seamlessly.

Intellyx is an industry analyst firm focused on enterprise digital transformation and the leading vendors that enable it. Through a rigorous briefing selection process, Intellyx honors trailblazing firms with the Digital Innovator Award as a spotlight on those vendors in the ecosystem worth watching.

floLIVE stands out as an industry leading solutions provider delivering localized global connectivity, through 40 points of presence and a robust library of over 15 network operator IMSIs, including satellite NTN (Non-terrestrial Networks). This helps enterprises to avoid roaming restrictions and allows for high-performance connectivity anywhere in the world, even in countries with permanent roaming restrictions such as Turkey, Brazil, China, India, and more.

floLIVE’s unified platform delivers key functions including a holistic connectivity management platform and single-SKU connectivity through Multi-IMSI or eSIM with floLIVE’s Multi-IMSI and specifically designed to accelerate enterprise success.

“floLIVE is honored to receive this award as an exceptional vendor in the IoT ecosystem,” floLIVE VP of Marketing Asaf Gigi said. “We developed our own technology stack designed to provide our enterprise customers the greatest success in IoT and to overcome historic challenges in worldwide connectivity through localization achieved on a global scale. The power of IoT should be accessible to everyone, and floLIVE ensures it is seamlessly achievable.”

More information on how floLIVE can accelerate enterprise IoT success can be found here.

June 5

Anna Vainer


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