June 11

Alisa Moloney

floLIVE Wins 2024 Future Digital Award for Excellence in IoT Innovation

floLIVE was recently honored with a Juniper Award for IoT Innovation.

Industry disruptor earns Juniper Award for innovative platform supporting IoT

LONDON, UK (June 11, 2024) –  floLIVE, creator of the world’s first and largest global cellular network and a leading provider of global connectivity and network services for IoT, announces today it has been awarded the 2024 Future Digital Award for Excellence from Juniper Research.

The Future Digital Award specifically acknowledges the unique features of floLIVE’s holistic connectivity management platform (CMP). This innovative platform offers multi-profile SIM activation and control for eSIM, Multi-IMSI, insight into network events and self-service capabilities, as well as multi-tiered billing, usage, and visibility for MNOs, IoT MVNOs, and global enterprises. These features are a testament of floLIVE’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the IoT industry.

 “We are thrilled that our platform has received this honor,” Marketing Vice President Asaf Gigi said. “The ability to deploy devices and have insight into their behavior around the world and to scale with ease and simplicity is one of the keys to widespread IoT adoption. Success in digital transformation that can be enabled  through our CMP – and as part of our larger global connectivity network – is the core of what we do at floLIVE.”

One of the most pressing challenges in the IoT industry is efficient and cost effective connectivity management. Traditional platforms have been cumbersome, expensive, and challenging to integrate, leading to cost overruns and delayed time to market. In contrast, floLIVE’s holistic, cloud-native CMP offers a solution – it enables faster launch times, provides more control and flexibility, and offers insight into each connection down to the device level. This demonstrates floLIVE’s commitment to addressing industry challenges and providing efficient solutions. Furthermore, floLIVE’s unique technology stack ensures lower unit cost as the number of connections on the platform increase – this is fundamental to many mobile operators looking for ways to profitably monetize their IoT business operations.

floLIVE offers embedded Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) platforms for both M2M and consumer eUICC, as well as the consolidated SGP.31/32 GSMA standard, which significantly simplifies integration, costs, and makes eSIM much more accessible for enterprise and consumer use. 

Global connectivity is provided through a robust IMSI library from more than 15 leading global carriers, including satellite NTN (Non-terrestrial Networks), allowing MNOs and IoT MVNOs to deliver localized global connectivity and for enterprises to tap into worldwide connectivity outside of roaming, which is thwarted by regulatory compliance and performance challenges. 

“Juniper Research is pleased to announce floLIVE as the winner for the Best IoT Device Management Platform in our most recent Smart Cities and IoT Future Digital Awards,” said Juniper Research Senior Analyst Elisha Sudlow-Poole. “Specifically, we were impressed with FloLIVE CMP’s customisable whitelabel cloud-native IoT management platform. Additionally, the platform’s ability to provide non-terrestrial and eSIM connectivity ensures that the company is in prime position to capitalise on the future surge in IoT device availability and data-centric use cases.”

Read more about the Juniper Research award here and more on floLIVE’s CMP here

About floLIVE

floLIVE designed and developed an elastic, robust core cellular infrastructure that is the largest connectivity infrastructure in the world. Through this powerful infrastructure, the company offers numerous services to mobile operators, IoT MVNOs and Global Enterprises seeking seamless, compliant, high-performance and regulatory-compliant connectivity, anywhere in the world.

With a global carrier library that is based on interconnected local core mobile networks, floLIVE ensures low latency, high performance, and full compliance with privacy acts, data regulations, and roaming restrictions. As of today, more than 15 mobile operators are on board the platform, giving companies multi-tenant, multi-tier localized connectivity globally.

Through direct access to our network, customers can monitor their devices, access real-time network events and usage, switch operators remotely, and troubleshoot failures ahead of time, providing a seamless experience that keeps devices connected at all times. Through one integration, one SKU and one platform, customers have a world of connectivity and endless possibilities.

June 11

Alisa Moloney


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