November 14

Bill Wark

Hyperlocal Global Connectivity: Enriched with Telefonica  

Hyperlocal Global Connectivity: Enriched with Telefonica 

We have been thrilled with the recent news that floLIVE has onboarded Tier-1 carrier Telefonica to our global network. This further extends our local coverage in new locations, with a strong presence in in Latin America, but also the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. This continues our mission to serve customers as the world’s first and largest global network. That’s one thing anyone at floLIVE will tell you when you ask what we do.

We’ll qualify this even further by saying that we have a comprehensive global carrier library based on an array of interconnected local core mobile networks, which allows us to provide centrally managed local cellular connectivity for any device, anywhere.

That is a lot of information, but there is key messaging to extrapolate – local connectivity is very beneficial in performance, as well as from a regulatory standpoint.

From a performance perspective, local networks can provide better throughput and latency, which is increasing in demand as use cases develop leveraging the high speed and latency of the current widespread 4G LTE and later, 5G Standalone.

With data sovereignty and data residency conversations mounting in the global technology sector, knowing that your connectivity abides by various laws and regulations brings not just peace of mind but reliability that connections will not be cut off due to permanent roaming restrictions.

The two approaches to sourcing local connectivity can be seen as stopgap measures. When you purchase connectivity country by country, you have disparate systems and logistical headaches. Directly purchasing from Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in various countries can create a complicated ecosystem that is challenging to manage and oversee. The same holds true for roaming SIMs with the added significant challenge of roaming restrictions.

What needs to occur is the marriage of sourcing local, global connectivity but through a single source instead of a piecemeal approach. That, however, can create complexities. By leveraging a single provider with access to local networks across the globe, these headaches are removed, and organizations can achieve efficiency and streamlined operations.

This addition well positions us to provide even more extensive local coverage in Latin America, in addition to existing global coverage in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, China, Africa, Turkey, India, Asia Pacific, and more.

There is significant value in the ability to deploy a single SIM to access connectivity around the world. One SIM, one integration, one provider – that is the floLIVE difference. We make global connectivity simple, powerful, productive, reliable, and compliant.

If you’re ready to learn why joining floLIVE’s hyperlocal global connectivity network creates an efficient, optimized, and reliable approach to connectivity, we’re ready to talk. Simply schedule a call with one of our IoT experts to get the conversation going.

November 14

Bill Wark


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