July 18

Bill Wark

More than a Connectivity Management Platform: floLIVE generates new business for MNOs


For MNOs that are ready to see the benefits of the IoT era, the right partnerships and technology is everything. At floLIVE, our cloud-based Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is far more than the sum of its parts, offering three huge value-adds that translate to true ROI. 

Your local network is a gold mine

While some MNOs don’t think highly of their local connectivity – you know the expression, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Local connectivity is often considered of huge value to global enterprises and OEMs seeking to deploy connected devices in the MNOs’ footprint.

Mobile operators are increasingly interested in new ways for other MNOs to consume their network resources directly, and to generate new revenues away from roaming, which is a poor fit for IoT. Roaming agreements are hardly the most cost-effective or reliable approach, and are downright impossible in certain regions where compliance mandates are strict about data moving out of the home country. 

Many MNOs would like to remain as independent as possible, and so a solution where they can host a dedicated IMSI range on their own core network infrastructure is perfect. This can become a revenue generator for your business, offering your network as a direct resource to provide local connectivity on a global scale. 

Of course, there are security risks and overheads associated with offering direct access to your network infrastructure, which is why the right partner is critical. floLIVE alleviates the administrative and integrative overheads, keeps the maintenance costs to a minimum, and facilitates this new business model with increased flexibility and control for your business. As the MNO, you have full visibility and management of data consumption from the CMP console, and you can rate and charge the MNOs for their traffic in granular detail. As there is no need for a third party to handle the core network, security is much more robust, and all integrations are handled directly by floLIVE with the MNO. 

A Consumer eSIM for Travelers

We are seeing a growing demand for consumer eSIM, driven by savvy tourists and travelers, and the resurgence of global traveling post-COVID-19. According to Kaleido Intelligence, active eSIM and iSIM connections will grow over 1400% between 2022 and 2027, with growth heavily driven by smartphone users.

These devices consume very high data volumes, and can therefore result in significant revenues for MNOs and MVNOs that can be first adopters of the right technology. 

Think about it in practice. The ability for any user to simply scan a barcode and download the profile of their choice is extremely valuable for both business and private travelers, offering the ability to take advantage of attractive local rates compared with expensive and unreliable roaming bundles from their home operator. 

At floLIVE, our goal has always been to offer a unified, seamless experience, and a single pane of glass for monitoring, controlling and managing all SIMs. This includes multi-IMSI SIMs, M2M eUICC, and consumer eUICC, too. From our CMP, we have integrated the eUICC M2M platform, as well as the Consumer RSP platform, so that all MNOs can simplify their operations and benefit from a single contract with a single vendor, across all of their connectivity customers and business use cases. 

Taking it a step further, floLIVE also allows you the best of both worlds. Our multi-IMSI technology can be used over eUICC SIMs, so that MNOs and enterprise customers alike can see low operational costs through local connectivity, with the peace of mind of eUICC to switch out to a different operator if the need arises. 

A Growing Global Alliance of Connectivity Solutions Partners

Our CMP is not just technology – it’s also a marketplace of relationships. By onboarding floLIVE’s CMP, MNOs have instant access to global enterprise customers who are looking to consume connectivity services in the MNO’s footprint. These could be floLIVE’s customers, IoT MVNOs’ customers, or even the customers of other MNOs who have membership. Consider the use case of a global water systems company, who has connectivity in one region and is looking to expand into your own. 

Through your IMSI, you can enjoy new revenue streams,  as these global enterprises benefit from your local connectivity – without any marketing investment, sales pitch, or operational overheads on your part.

The connectivity market has changed, almost beyond recognition. For MNOs that are ready to build a more diverse set of offerings to widen their customer base, embrace the IoT revolution, and delight customers who demand autonomy and control – a CMP alone isn’t enough. 

With floLIVE, a CMP that allows full visibility and management of devices is just step one. To make your business competitive, make sure you can provide access to your network, satisfy the growing need for eSIM/iSIM over eUICC, and open new revenue streams through an alliance of connectivity partners invested in your success. 

July 18

Bill Wark


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