May 21

Alisa Moloney

Tackling Key Challenges in Fleet and Asset Management

floLIVE Summer Series focuses on fleet and asset management through a series of 10-minute video episodes.

Digital solutions for fleet and asset management are one of the fastest-growing Internet of Things segments, and it’s for a couple of key reasons. The first is due to supply chain demand and evolving economic forces. The trajectory in eCommerce was significantly heightened during the pandemic and this new way of supplying goods has not slowed down. Efficiency and optimization are key in ensuring vehicles and assets are effectively delivered. 

Second is due to the need to meet significant challenges in the industry outside of just demand, which is the rising cost of equipment, maintenance, fuel, insurance and also supporting safety while navigating numerous regulatory hurdles. 

While digital solutions have impressive means of meeting these challenges, the solutions themselves come with complexities. We’re going to tackle all of them, however, during our summer series on fleet and asset management, where we interview floLIVE experts to create 10-minute snackable videos for you to enjoy in the office or on the go. 

Here’s our line up:

Global Connectivity for Always-On Solutions, June 4

floLIVE Americas President Curtis Govan will kick off our summer series by talking about a challenge in digital solutions – global connectivity. As network operators work strictly in a regional footprint, taking one solution and ensuring it works in Canada and also Germany has never been an easy task. But as more devices are deployed and have always-on requirements, global connectivity is a necessity. 

This episode will discuss how to achieve global connectivity without friction or logistical headaches. 

Cross-Border, Cross-Network Connectivity: How to Overcome Going Dark, June 18

Network hand-off can be a nightmare for devices and since, by nature, many of the solutions built for fleet and asset management are on the move. floLIVE EMEA SVP Luigi Capobiano is going to detail this critical component of network technology and how best to achieve it. If devices can’t switch while crossing borders or networks, then those devices will be left in the dark. 

This episode details what it means to make sure devices stay connected as they move along routes anywhere in the world. 

Mobile Eyes on the Road and Beyond, July 9

Video telematics is seeing a boom in adoption as demand calls for eyes on the road. These solutions allow fleet and asset managers to see in real-time or capture data based on programming that shows unsafe driving that could lead to accidents, damaged goods, or other incidents. But the connectivity behind these solutions has greater requirements than a sensor attached to a box or an ELD. 

floLIVE APAC SVP Chen Porat delves into the world of cameras, connectivity, and mobility in this episode. 

Removing the Cringe from Regulatory Compliance Across Borders, July 23

The heavily regulated industry of fleet and asset management creates a long trail of paperwork that can be difficult to manage yet oversights can result in highly punitive financial and even legal consequences. Digital solutions can help, but it’s also important to understand how these solutions are governed and the most seamless ways to achieve compliance. 

In this episode, floLIVE Co-Founder and Head of Business Rony Cohen discusses regulatory compliance, both in the the fleet and asset management industry, but the tech sector, as well. 

eUICC, eSIM, Single SKU: SIM-plified Connectivity in Fleet Telematics, August 6

Connectivity considerations are critical in setting up successful solutions and the choices run the gamut from low power to extremely high functioning cellular connectivity. But SIM choices are just as important, too. 

In this episode, we’re discussing eSIM with floLIVE Americas SVP Bill Wark and where it intersects with the myriad choices on the market from Multi-IMSI to UICC. 

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May 21

Alisa Moloney


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