February 21

Chen Porat

Unraveling Global Connectivity Complexities 

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When the world of IoT is proliferating and enterprise solutions’ reach is worldwide, facing global connectivity challenges is inevitable. Organizations want to leverage digital solutions in myriad industries and ways and on a global scale. Like scaling any operation, difficulties arise, but they are compounded when organizations have to navigate a world of connectivity providers with hurdles of regulations and compliance standing in the way. 

Carrier Complexities on a Global Scale

BERMAD is a floLIVE customer and a great use case to illustrate this situation. BERMAD, a world leader in water and flow management solutions, offers an advanced cloud-based irrigation controller called Omega that touts a value proposition of providing anywhere, anytime connectivity to the user’s irrigation system. And BERMAD offers this on a global scale. 

Global Connectivity Chaos

Anytime, anywhere connectivity on a global scale is a significant challenge. First, global connectivity alone is very hard. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) vary significantly across the world, and BERMAD offers coverage in 86 countries. Each country is not going to share a single MNO, and this creates a complex situation of trying to achieve coverage comprehensively. This can be complicated, time-consuming, and difficult to manage. 

Additionally, irrigation system solutions are inherently challenging for a few reasons:

  • Often located in remote areas, this poses difficulties in ensuring reliable connectivity coverage. 
  • Deployed in vast numbers, comprehensive management of these devices is needed to understand device behavior and have insight into performance. 

BERMAD’s Solution with floLIVE

BERMAD’s Omega device offers anywhere, anytime connectivity across the globe and they BERMAD wanted to keep their overhead low and their logistics streamlined, so they want to achieve global connectivity through a single provider. Going operator-by-operator is not cost- or time-efficient and creates logistical hassle. BERMAD also wants to reliably obtain compliant connectivity in each destination where devices would be deployed, so they turned to floLIVE. 

floLIVE offers a unique alternative to multiple local connectivity providers in each region and allows BERMAD to tap into worldwide connectivity via a single SIM. 

Until the device is set up, it will remain location and operator-agnostic. Once the device is active, it then connects to the right local network from floLIVE’s IMSI library, the largest of its kind. Using floLIVE’s unique SIM technology, the SIMs could be provisioned OTA (over-the-air) remotely, giving BERMAD ultimate control over its devices anywhere in the world. This sidesteps issues such as compliance of local data internationally or permanent roaming, as the device always uses local connectivity.

Worldwide Connectivity through a Single Source

BERMAD is one example of enterprises tapping into a rapidly growing IoT market and needing to meet the complex requirements of global connectivity. floLIVE partners with more than 20 MNOs worldwide with more than 40 Points of Presence (POPs) that allow us to deliver connectivity locally but globally. Through a single SKU and a single source, worldwide connectivity is much simpler and avoids logistical and regulatory roadblocks. 

Let’s Talk Global Connectivity at MWC!

MNO complexities don’t have to create hurdles on your path to global connectivity. We’ll be at MWC Barcelona 2024 to discuss how we make global connectivity simple to achieve and sell. Come see us at booth 2B34 in Hall 2. You can even book time now to meet one-on-one.

Want to read more about BERMAD’s use case and how floLIVE helped? Check out the full case study here

This graphic, showing several small globes, allows the reader to click to watch a recent floLIVE webinar about IoT connectivity and roaming.

February 21

Chen Porat


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