February 8

Anna Vainer

We Won the 2020 IoT Excellence Award! 

Excellence Award

For more than 2 decades, the Technology Marketing Corporation has been known for honoring the most cutting-edge and disruptive technologies across the technology world with industry recognition and awards. 

Only those businesses that are recognized to truly advance the area in which they work, and represent growth and leadership are singled out. This year, we are delighted to announce that floLIVE has won the 2020 IoT Excellence Award for its global connectivity solution, floNET!

IoT Excellence Award


How We Caught the Attention of the Judges

According to TMC, this year the award was looking to highlight innovative products that enable better business and personal decision-making, through sensors, systems and platforms. These solutions could allow for the direct gathering of information, or help to make decisions based on inference or analytics. 

“It is my pleasure to recognize floNET with an IoT Excellence Award for its excellence in innovation,” said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer, Crossfire Media. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing floLIVE’s future successes.”


floNET: Checking all the Boxes

As the world’s first cloud-native, software-defined connectivity solution, floNET offers modern global cellular connectivity and SIM management, fully designed for IoT. Enterprises and mobile operators can optimize the performance of their IoT devices anywhere around the world, achieving the benefits of local connectivity – such as low latency, high availability, data privacy, and best-in-class quality of service. 

With a centralized management console, floNET allows decision-makers to gain better insight into their IoT devices at every stage, from the moment of connection, through to global movement and logistics anywhere in the world. With better control over battery life, usage requirements, and security and privacy – carriers and organizations alike can gain the future-focused benefits of IoT without adding heavy infrastructure costs or operational expenses.

Want to learn more about why floNET continues to garner industry attention? Schedule a demo.

February 8

Anna Vainer


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