Case Study: floLIVE helps Eseye to manage thousands of devices globally

In the race to global IoT connectivity – we’re all in it together. Today’s operators and connectivity providers are looking to each other to fill the gaps and to provide a truly resilient and robust solution for their own customers.

So, when Eseye wanted to increase its global footprint and reduce their existing complexity of operations – we were happy to step in. By onboarding the floLIVE solution, Eseye achieved:

  • Reduced operational costs, with full visibility available from a single dashboard.
  • Improved time to market, by bringing new localized IMSIs online and giving Eseye time to focus on core value.
  • Less complexity, without the need to track and manage multiple MNOs.

Software-Defined Connectivity is poised to change everything.
Read the case study to learn more about how Eseye can support its own customers using floLIVE.

Download the case study here.

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