Can your IoT connectivity offering compete with €1/Year?

According to ABI Research, when it comes to IoT, “the complex technological landscape Is full of bear traps.” Making a success out of your IoT services is “a careful balancing act between connectivity technology performance, infrastructure costs, and the scalability of the solutions” that you choose. 

With that in mind, mobile operators and IoT service providers need to onboard an IoT platform with the minimum amount of complexity and at as low a cost as possible. As the first offerings hit inboxes around the world, some aggressive proposals are offering as much as 50MB/year for as little as 1 Euro. How can you compete?

Join Alain Cousineau, VP of Business Development at floLIVE, for his on-demand webinar, to learn:

  • The three factors that influence time-to-market, allowing an IoT platform to be both commercially and operationally ready to serve customers.
  • The unique relationship between extended battery life and reduced latency, and how to support modern IoT without negatively impacting mobile subscribers. 
  • How to handle new IoT-only challenges, such as low ARPU, or fixed platform prices that are a continual race to the bottom. 

Watch the webinar now

Watch the webinar here.