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From SIM to iSIM: Shaping Connectivity for a New Era

  • Drill down into the innovative concept of iSIM and its impact on embedded design.
  • Learn how iSIM technology is making physical SIM cards obsolete, paving the way for smaller, more flexible connected devices.
  • Explore the far-reaching implications of iSIM in sectors like IoT, wearables, and automotive
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Navigating IoT In Turkey

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights on:

  • New opportunities for OEMs and enterprises with local IoT connectivity in Turkey
  • Effective strategies for deploying a single SIM solution, bypassing the complications traditionally associated with local MNOs in Turkey.
  • Explore how telematics solutions are now unlocked and scaling in region
  • Our exclusive “Cheat Codes”: insider knowledge for navigating connectivity in challenging regions, ensuring your IoT solutions thrive
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Solution Brief:

Ubiquitous Global Coverage

In this solution brief, you’ll learn:

  • floLIVE offers ubiquitous global connectivity with cellular and satellite coverage
  • Learn how direct-to-device offerings work
  • NTN use cases and benefits with cellular
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Analyst report:

Integrated IoT Cellular Connectivity is Maturing. Module Makers, it’s Time to Pay Attention.

Download the industry report by Analysys Mason to learn: 

  • How module makers can benefit from selling IoT cellular connectivity as well as hardware.
  • What has been holding module makers back from offering connectivity until now.
  • How module makers can navigate the unfamiliar terrain of IoT connectivity, today – and tomorrow.
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Case Study:

floLIVE and NLT Telecom Build Local Cellular IoT Infrastructure in Brazil

Local telcom company, NLT, was looking for ways to expand their business to new use cases and vertical markets within Brazil and realized collaborating with floLIVE for their own core network would be an excellent first step.

Now with floLIVE & NLT, enterprises can enjoy:

  • Seamless compliance
  • New partnerships
  • Complete Flexibility
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