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Analyst report:

Adapting to The Fast-Changing Landscape of Connectivity Management Platforms (CMP’s)

The latest IoT Transition Topic Position Paper by Transforma Insights, sponsored by floLIVE, and is a deep-dive into the shifting connectivity space, and how to adapt for changes with Connectivity Management Platforms. To remain competitive, connectivity providers are working on building a more diverse set of offerings to suit new business models, align with IoT use cases, and offer additional functionality such as analytics, remote SIM provisioning, core network functionality, and global connectivity orchestration. 

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Solution Brief:

Holistic CMP-as-a-Service: A Comprehensive Connectivity Management Platform Offering

Learn how mobile operators can benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based CMP-as-a-service, enabling expansion globally via a hyperlocal network of 15+ local IMSIs, optimized for LPWA and suitable for M2M and consumer eUICC. Read the solution sheet for more about floLIVE’s connectivity management platform offering

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Taking IoT Connectivity Further with Satellite Connectivity

IoT has transformed almost every industry. To see success, businesses need to guarantee that connectivity is always available – not only in urban and saturated areas. 
What can businesses do in remote areas where cellular coverage can be patchy and unpredictable? Watch this webinar to understand the IoT connectivity requirements needed to ensure global, ubiquitous coverage…

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IoT Technology Brings Sustainability to Public Grids

IoT Technology has fueled innovation in most industry sectors, especially in the sustainability sector.

This panel uncovers:

  • How IoT makes sustainability efforts more effective
  • How IoT is being incorporated into sustainability initiatives
  • The connectivity requirements for sustainability technologies
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IoT in Healthcare: Wearables, Apps & More

Global IoT technology is at the forefront of the growing healthcare spend, especially on wearables and even ingestibles. IoT’s influence is much deeper and involved with more critical functions

This webinar uncovers:

  • More use cases of IoT in healthcare
  • The use of IoT in remote patient monitoring
  • Maintaining data privacy and security
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